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At ASAP Studios we aim to keep fees as low as possible to make performing affordable 
to as many families as possible.  

Fees are calculated based on the number of hours per week multiplied by the number of weeks in the term.
(N.B. Term 4 is calculated based on additional rehearsal time and includes the dress, stage & photo rehearsals)
* subject to class availability and does not include extension programs such as school holiday programs, private lessons and workshops with guest teachers.
ASAP Studios generally does not run classes on public holidays and fees are reduced accordingly.
Are Applicable As Follows:
10% off per term for 2 member in family
15% off per term for 3 member in family
20% off per term for 4 member in family

Class prices are based on 45 minutes per session.
Classes running for 1.5 hours are considered as 2 classes.
30min & 1hr classes will be adjusted accordingly.  The following fees apply:

1st lesson = $15 per lesson
2nd lesson = $13 per lesson
3rd lesson = $12 per lesson
4th lesson = $11 per lesson
5th + lessons = Reaches our cap plan of $510 per term per student for unlimited weekly classes.

At ASAP Studios we understand the importance of Ballet & the solid foundation it provides its students, 
for all genres.  Yes, even in Tap & Hip Hop!
All students are required to attend a ballet class in order to enrol at our studio.
Because we believe in Ballet so much we offer something which other studios do not….
Free Ballet Classes for many students!!!!
We encourage all families to get the word out to dancers near & far about our fabulous ballet offer.
Ballet Only:  Students wishing to enrol in Ballet only are required to pay the full rate. 
Ballet Plus One Other Class: Students enrolled in a class other than Ballet,
will receive their Ballet tuition at ½ price.
Ballet Plus 2 or More Other Classes: For any students enrolled in 2 Classes other than Ballet,
their Ballet tuition will be FREE.
We do not offer this for the purpose of growing our studio. As the Principal of ASAP Studios,
we offer this because we believe so strongly in the benefit the Ballet discipline instils.
We are aware that it can be costly for many families in our current economy, so we would like to be able to
give back to our dance community for those who aren’t able to afford the extra classes.
Our ballet classes, while the basics are involved, also caters to the student who is not as keen
on this Genre.  Many students think of Ballet as being boring or too difficult.  To combat this,
we also introduce fun concepts into our Ballet classes. We work with Thera Bands.
We work with Fit Balls.  We often work with current music.  We want our students to improve
without realising they’re taking Ballet class.  While we understand the importance of the ballet discipline,
we also wholeheartedly understand the need to enjoy what you are learning.

Fees are paid on a per term basis.  You will be provided with an invoice for the term which is payable
within 14 days of receipt.  Payments can be made via credit card, direct deposit, or cash payments.
While accounts are charged per term, we also offer a weekly direct debit service upon request.
(Extra fees may apply) Additional classes can be selected throughout the term and you will be invoiced accordingly. 
As overheads remain the same regardless of attendance, fees are non-refundable for classes missed,
or if your child does not complete the full term.

* We offer a capped fee to those students who attend more than $495 worth of lessons per term.
Once a student reaches this amount, they pay a cap fee & can attend as many lessons as they choose, excluding private lessons.

Private lessons are a usually a one on one lesson and the following styles can be selected:

* Jazz/Song & Dance
* Tap/Song & Tap
* Ballet
* Character
* National
* Hip Hop/Funk
* Contemporary
* Pageant Coaching
* Singing
* Script Reading

Private lessons can also be used as a means to performing in our end of year showcase, within 
competitions, to improve technique or simply for fun.  Students may also wish to share a lesson with 
1 or 2 others to learn a duo or trio.

 Private lessons are charged as follows:

1/2 hr = $30
45 min = $45
1 hr = $60

The yearly Registration Fee of $50 will cover:
* Insurance Cover
* Administration Fee
* Studio Amenities (First Aid, Tissues Etc)
* This is also a holding fee for your child's place in the dance school and is non-refundable.
This fee is required to be paid in full by all students, regardless of their starting date.

During term four an extra fee will be required of approx $15 per student, per rehearsal, for the hire of the stage. A costume levy of $65 per student applies to all students wishing to participate in the annual performance. If a student is in more than one item, each additional costume will be charged at $60 per costume (note – a more elaborate costume may incur a slightly higher fee). Costume levy will be billed
during term 3 and can be paid in instalments or in a lump sum. Costume Levy Accounts MUST be settled prior to the end of Term 3. The costume levy covers the extensive preparation, sewing, purchasing and laundering of costumes and accessories required for the annual performance.
All attempts will be made to keep these extra fees as low as possible.

Fees are paid on a per term basis.  You will be provided with an invoice for the term which is payable 
within 14 days of receipt. Payments can be made via credit card, direct deposit or cash payments. 
Additional classes can be selected throughout the term and you will be invoiced accordingly.
We do not accepts weekly payments, however a weekly direct debit service may be available 
upon request.